New Merchant Application

If you’re a merchant looking for secure, reliable and flexible payment processing solutions, we should talk. Tell us about your business to apply for a pre-approval. Once pre-approved, you have confidence that with proper documentation and terms in place, we will be able to provide you a fully approved payment processing account, at competitive rates and an expert level of service. Your merchant account could be live in as few as 72 hours.



Thank You!

Thank you for you submission, we will contact you soon to proceed with the next steps.

Should you have any questions about the application process, please contact our payment processing provider, Online IPS, who can be reached at either:
– 800.439.1974

After the franchisee data has been input to the merchant bank’s boarding system and any needed corrections have been applied, a “click to sign” electronic copy of the full application and terms will be sent to the contact email address you indicated in the form. The signing franchise owner will review and execute the contract online via a guided process. The file will then continue through underwriting, approval and then to configuration of the account and preparation of the store hardware.

We appreciate your careful and timely attention to this important and exciting initiative. If you have any questions about this program, contact your European Wax Center corporate representative for guidance.