Risk management

For global e-commerce merchants, nothing is more important than trusted, key relationships with partners who are aware of the latest developments in bank regulations, technology and card association policy. We support a wide range of e-commerce models:

  • One-time and recurring hard goods sales
  • Digital download and streaming services
  • Subscription/membership businesses
  • Combination business models


Professional Partnership

In the merchant banking world, no other value rises to the importance of trust. At Online IPS we understand and demonstrate that value. Our merchants share with us their most closely held information and strategies, and our loyalty is shown through our consistent professionalism, discretion and sensitivity.


Transaction Data Analysis and Monitoring

Online IPS staff review transaction data, chargeback, fraud and other data regularly, performing necessary protocols for monitoring volumes, ratios and processing patterns. Aspects of our regular activities can include:

  • Continuous manual review of chargeback, SAFE/TC-40 and refund rates
  • Identification and analysis of anomalous trends in processing data
  • Reconciliation of volumes and ratios against historic performance
  • Site URL periodic monitoring and “secret shopping”
  • Continuous adjustment of risk limiters
  • Direct consultative engagement of merchant with continuous improvement practices

Dedicated Gateway and Support Services

In the world of global e-commerce, technology and quality customer support work hand in hand with the management of risk. Transactions are processed through our proprietary platform partner Inovio, a Level One PCI Compliant gateway specializing in global e-commerce processing. Online IPS maintains full administrative control over the Inovio gateway account and configuration of sophisticated fraud and risk management controls.

  • Level One PCI-Compliant infrastructure
  • Secure card data storage and handling
  • Full-Service Subscription billing management
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Industry leading integrated Kount Risk Management platform
  • Billing support and hosted payment page options