Risk Management

Payment processing systems are not one size fits all: Which is why we work with you to provide all the technology and support you need, and absolutely nothing you don’t. From traditional store fronts expanding online to global, multi-currency internet ventures, we know the combination of services that make it possible for you to receive payment quickly, effectively and safely.

E-Commerce Merchants

For card-not-present and other hard-to-place merchants, nothing is more important than the key relationships with informed partners who know the latest developments in bank and card association policy. Online IPS works with you to get your business launched with a bank or processor you can trust. The creation of effective and easy-to-use payment solutions tailored for card-not-present merchants is our specialty. Your business, and every client we take on, benefits because of it.

Professional Partnership

At Online IPS, we are dedicated to helping merchants obtain the right banking and processing service that best matches their business needs. We understand the critical importance of quality risk and administrative management, to protect the integrity of the commerce and the legitimate interests of the the card associations, processors and banks. When representing strategic banking and processing partners with key merchants, Online IPS augments its management services with ongoing policy enforcement, monitoring and hands-on reporting. Each strategic relationship is custom provisioned to the requirements of our banking and processing partners to support the unique conditions of each merchant, and tailored with select advanced services including, but not limited to those outlined below.

Gateway Services:
Transactions are processed through our proprietary platform partner Inovio, a Level One PCI Compliant global gateway specializing in global e-commerce processing. Online IPS maintains full administrative control over the Inovio gateway account and configuration, fraud and risk management controls, including:

  • Transaction size and volume limits
  • Required customer data validations
  • Chargeback prevention services (Ethoca and Verifi)

Transaction monitoring:
Online IPS staff review transaction data regularly, performing necessary protocols for monitoring volumes, ratios and processing patterns. Aspects of our regular activities can include:

  • Continuous manual review of chargeback, SAFE/TC-40 and refund rates
  • Identification and analysis of anomalous trends in processing data
  • Reconciliation of volumes and ratios against historic performance

Chargeback and Fraud monitoring and management:
Online IPS extends it’s oversight of key merchant processing with ongoing risk management practices including:

  • Site URL periodic monitoring and “secret shopping”
  • Mandated chargeback prevention services (Ethoca and Verifi)
  • Necessary adjustment of gateway limiters (velocity, price point limits, capture delay, negative data scrub, etc.)
  • Specific application of industry standard Chargeback Prevention services and strategies
  • Direct consultative engagement of merchant with continuous improvement practices

Dedicated Gateway and Support Services

In the world of global e-commerce, technology and quality customer support are essential to the management of risk. International Processing Solutions provides it’s own dedicated gateway platform along with many of its solutions. In addition, we offer tailored solutions for end-user, customer billing support tailored specifically to your business model and designed to compliment your existing in-house resources.

  • Level One PCI-Compliant infrastructure
  • Secure card data storage and handling
  • Full-Service Subscription billing management
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Configurable Fraud/CB prevention controls
  • Billing support options with hosted payment pages and more

Risk Management

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Should you have any questions about the application process, please contact our payment processing provider, Online IPS, who can be reached at either:
– ewc@onlineips.net
– 800.439.1974

After the franchisee data has been input to the merchant bank’s boarding system and any needed corrections have been applied, a “click to sign” electronic copy of the full application and terms will be sent to the contact email address you indicated in the form. The signing franchise owner will review and execute the contract online via a guided process. The file will then continue through underwriting, approval and then to configuration of the account and preparation of the store hardware.

We appreciate your careful and timely attention to this important and exciting initiative. If you have any questions about this program, contact your European Wax Center corporate representative for guidance.