Protect Your Business with Confidence

Risk Management

Safeguarding your business is our top priority. Our commitment to security and risk management is unwavering, ensuring that your transactions are secure and your bottom line is protected.

Our Ongoing Risk Management Practices include:

Extensive Data Analysis

Our dedicated team conducts in-depth data analysis to study and identify anomalous trends within processing data. This proactive approach allows us to stay ahead of potential risks and swiftly implement mitigation strategies.

Dispute/Fraud/Return Rate/Chargeback Monitoring

We offer comprehensive chargeback prevention services and closely monitor dispute, fraud, and return rates, ensuring that they remain within card scheme and acquirer-required thresholds. Helping prevent disputes and fraud from impacting your business.

Proprietary Gateway Controls

Our proprietary gateway controls, including velocity and pricing limits, negative data scrubbing, geo-IP/BIN filtering, and more, provide an additional layer of protection. These controls ensure that only legitimate transactions make it through, minimizing risk.

Kount Integrated Fraud Solution Partner

We’ve partnered with Kount, a leading anti-fraud service provider, to bolster our defenses against fraudulent activities. This partnership enhances our ability to detect and prevent fraud effectively.

RDR (Rules-Driven Resolution)

Our automated dispute resolution system, RDR, optimizes the management of dispute volume by automating resolutions based on pre-set rules. This streamlines the process and minimizes disruptions to your operations.

Periodic Site URL Monitoring & “Secret Shopping”

We conduct periodic site URL monitoring and engage in “secret shopping” to assess and enhance the security of your online presence. This proactive approach helps us identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.